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Halo Reach

1.)What is your favorite Character?
  1. Carter
  2. Kat
  3. Emile
  4. Jun
  5. Jorge
2.)Favorite armor ability?
  1. Sprint
  2. Armor Lock
  3. Evade
  4. Drop shield
  5. Jet Pack
  6. Hologram
  7. Active Camo
3.)Favorite Halo
  1. Halo 1
  2. Halo2
  3. Halo 3
  4. Halo Reach
4.)Do you like recon?
  1. Yes
  2. No
5.)Would you rather play cod or halo
  1. cod
  2. halo
6.)Who likes spartans?
  1. Me
  2. Not me
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